Current manufacture lead times 8 weeks.
Current manufacture lead times 8 weeks.



Formed concrete basins produce high quality and long lasting products. Our basins are hand made and finished. The nature of this and the material means that there may be small imperfections in the finish of each item. These are not faults, and are part of the nature and character of the material and do not affect the function of the basin. This document explains the terms of our warranty.

The warranty covers repair and replacement of Formed concrete basins products. If the covered products shall be proved to the satisfaction of Formed concrete basins to be defective within the applicable warranty period, then Formed concrete basins will repair or replace such products. The repair or replacement of said products does not include installation costs, labour costs or any other incidental costs or consequential damages or losses, including but not limited to loss of business, loss of profits incurred by the purchaser. In no event shall the liability of Formed concrete basins under the warranty for any product exceed the purchase price of the product.

If the products are used for commercial purposes the warranty is limited to a period of one year from the date the product is purchased. Any warranty claims must be made within the warranty period and be accompanied with proof of purchase (original sales invoice).

If you have a warranty claim and you bought the product through a third party you need to contact the seller through which you purchased the product. If you purchased directly from Formed concrete basins then contact Formed concrete basins Customer Services at


Products must be maintained and cleaned in accordance with the care and maintenance guide. 

Cleaning methods including but limited to the use of cleaners containing abrasives, bleach, acids, alkalis, alcohol, solvents or ammonia products will void the warranty. Accidental damage or misuse or abuse is not covered by this warranty. Reduction in sheen, stains, scratches, etching of the finish with use over time, cleaning practice, water or atmospheric conditions are part of the normal wear of the product and not covered by the warranty. Please read the care and maintenance guide for best practices.


Formed concrete basins warranty obligations are set out in the warranty information below.



2 Year Limited Structural Warranty

Formed concrete basins warrants to the original purchaser that all Formed concrete basins products installed in a residence and used solely for residential purposes will be free of mechanical defects for a period of two years from the date of purchase.

Warranty limitations.

The warranty does not apply to products used for commercial purposes unless otherwise noted.


The warranty does not apply to:

Damage caused by normal wear and tear.

Products modified, repaired or altered by the original purchaser.

Products which have been installed, used, maintained or stored other than in accordance with the installation guidelines, care and maintenance guide, or product specifications.

Products which have been used for other purposes than those intended for normal use.

Products which have been used outdoors.

Products which have been damaged as a result of accident, negligence, misuse or faulty installation.

Products damaged by the effects of abrasive or strong cleaners, dirt, salt water, hard water, limescale, acids of alkalis.

Products damaged as a result of exposure to extremes of temperature change.