Current manufacture lead times 8 weeks.
Current manufacture lead times 8 weeks.

Concrete Character

The rich character of concrete is unlike that of any other material and one which draws designers to it again and again.

The character of our concrete basins draws on this character and embraces it producing a material that is rich in character and colour, but that is also robust enough to last for generations.

Pin holes.

Pin holes or air bubbles are one of the most notable characteristics of concrete and one that immediately describes the material as concrete. This is our favourite characteristic and one which we try to show in all of our basins.



The patina of the concrete shows the rich textural flow of the concrete which can include pin holes. When our basins are cast and vibrated the textural flow of the concrete moving within the mould creates movement within the concrete itself and results in the movement being visible in the surface of the basin when it is de-moulded.


The colour of our basins can vary slightly from mix to mix, this is completely normal and is a result of differences in the recycled materials used within the concrete itself, as well as ambient conditions.

Mould junctions.

Some of our basins are made from two, three or even four part moulds. The juntions between these moulds often causes the concrete to move between the moulds during casting, causing a textural and colour change. This is a normal part of the process and does not affect the basin function.