Current manufacture lead times 8 weeks.
Current manufacture lead times 8 weeks.

The Arc Collection

Our new striking collection of concrete basins designed with curving arcs. Each one telling a story and unique in its form.

The Arch basin range is an arched bowl within a mono bloc form, available in ten single sizes and four double basin sizes.

Koro, Bron and Nobu are sumptuous wall mounted single basins with an integrated splash back. The curved arches of their forms have been drawn from classical architecture and distilled to produce a unique, new modern basin in a classical shape.

Koro and Bron are flagship models from the collection of Arc basins which demonstrate concrete’s unique aesthetic appeal and the material’s range of form and function. These basins, designed and hand made by Formed Concrete Basins, push the boundaries of the material further, creating qualities of pattern and tactility, shadow and light, all whilst using ‘eco-concrete’, a sustainable adaptation of the material.

These basins were inspired by a walk through a series of arches in a pedestrian arcade in Italy. The challenge was to evoke the geometry and light play of those arches within an eco-concrete product, in order to add complexity and character to a durable, hygienic product.

BRON’s arches are wrapped around the external product. Each arch is slightly angled to create a shadow on the arch below, resulting in a final product evoking the structural form and repetition of light.

KORO has a geometric design of narrow sweeping ribs wrapped around the surface that create shadows and highlights, whilst retaining a smooth tactility. The handmade nature of the product ensures a balance between the aesthetic pull of precision and the warmth of organic design. The finished basin is the culmination of more than a year’s painstaking research and development.

Colour is an important element of design for Formed Concrete Basins. As with the rest of the range basins, KORO and BRON are available in a range of 40 colours, and the richness in the tones shown here have been achieved through prolonged repeated experimentation with sustainable aggregates and dyes.

Sustainability has always been at the forefront of our thinking, which is why Formed Concrete Basins use recycled ingredients in their mix, making each sink 80% recycled by weight and fully recyclable at the end of its life – which may be a while with such a durable product.